The Faithful One


Light approaches


Elusive plays


Silent coaxes


Claim your place


The daisies whisper

Iris glistens

Lilies dream

EasilY erect

She listens

Intently follows every beam





As nimbus gathers

Veils the sun

I withdraw

My spirit lingering

Ever near the Faithful One

4 thoughts on “The Faithful One

    1. Oh, such a sweet, sweet surprise to find you in my garden this morning, my darling, beloved Krishnapriya! your absence has been sorely felt, and not just by me, I am sure. Time and solitude are necessary dwellings as I well know, but to be among loved ones is also an opportunity for healing and growth. Blessings and much, much love to you *willows in mist**yellow butterflies and rosebuds**children embracing* I hope to find your revelations in my mailbox sometime soon….

      1. I miss you so very much too, my beautiful friend. *four paws and footprints dancing in the snow* The off line life has overwhelmed the online one! waiting for a breather to come back to silence, writing, sharing and dancing with you – on the magical carpet with stars and the full moon smiling. *love* *love* *love* *huggie hug hugs*

  1. *children dancing among raindrops* I’ll be waiting for your sweet return *Yellow butterflies and hummingbirds* Wishing you Shalom, peace and completeness *ocean waves beneath blue, blue sky*

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