But, hey….!

There is nothing like spending time with grandchildren…especially our two grandsons, Thad and Mat. And this summer, J and I have been grabbing the opportunity whenever possible. We all play together, and we take turns interacting with each, a delightful twist since Mat is not yet 4 and Thad is now eleven.

I think yesterday was the most fun I’ve had in weeks. You see, Thad and I have always enjoyed playing word games . And he’s finallyold enough to be a masterful Scrabble opponent, and the words he hides for Hangman have become incredibly difficult to predict. Best of all, are the stories we create together–you know, one person starts, then the other builds upon it, and so forth.And yesterday’s creations had us laughing together so hard that Thad got the hiccups, which made us laugh all the more.

This tale is not only about the grandkids, though. It’s about two dear old friends, J and me.

We had a plan for after our playtime with the youngsters. It involved a homemade pizza and a bottle of wine. But it was after 5:00 when we left for home, and the traffic was all backed up with rush-hour antics, and it was the heat of an extra warm day for Salem, and you know how all that can jangle the nerves of even the nicest people Well, we got a little jangled ourselves, so we settled for chees sandwiches for dinner. Between bites, however, a lightbulb went off for me.

“Hey,” I exclaimed, “we’re grown-ups, you know. So we can do what we like, right?”

“Okay,” J replied dubiously, “which means…?”

“Which means,” I turned to face him directly with my revelation, “we can eat pizza for breakfast if we want to!”

“OOOOH! We crooned.

And so It was that we kicked off our 40th wedding anniversary weekend with homemade pizza for breakfast. A great solution in my book, too, because the ice cream cone I wanted for breakfast for Saturday proved impossible. Who ever heard of such a thing…Baskin Robbins not opening until noon!

**For anyone wondering, the bottle of wine was not part of breakfast, but accompanied our cheese sandwiches**

4 thoughts on “But, hey….!

    1. Thank you so much, my darling Krishna for your kind remarks, and for sharing your sweet presence with me this day! Blessings and love to you *smiling heart**willows in mist**children singing*

  1. Happy Anniversary! And Yum! Yum! Yum – a little bite into the homemade pizza…..love, love, love your writing – it is so sweet, personal and light – in many, many dimensions. Wishing you a wondrous, love-filled life together with much joy, play and beautiful moments! *children dancing in a ring* *scrabble words falling from heaven* *rainbows* *ice cream cones with stars dancing on them*

    1. My heart dances as I read your words! Even your word-images are such a welcom, playful and energizing treat!! We had a lovely day with family and each other….and are thrilled to add day by loving day. Blessings and sweetness and much love to you, my beloved Krishnapriya *rainbows and yellow butterflies**children chasing fireflies at twilight**doves cooing at dawn*

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