An Affirmation For One & All!

Savvy Raj

I come from light
Born with the infinite in me
Learning through it all
To move from deepest insecurities to dare
To rise like a phoenix beyond fear.

To see the world in a heartbeat
To turn the tide of pain to pleasure
To awaken the dormant awareness
To hope beyond despair
To give hope to the hopeless.

And when the mood strikes
To take flights of fancy in the light of imagination
Into the world of creativity and dream on
In surrealistic idealism.

To revel, celebrate and enthuse
In the creativity of thoughts words & deeds
To be conscious of my glorious truths
To feel free and yet deeply interwoven

To the fabric of conscious intentions
To denote the goodwill in the endowment
To mark the fleeting time with grace.

To leave footprints in benevolence.
In joyous acceptance of the potential within
Of endless beginning in possibilities
Of Infinity…

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2 thoughts on “An Affirmation For One & All!

  1. Dear Joan, I just read your blog and I absolutely love it – thank you for creating such a lovely piece.  It is beautiful and really spoke to me. Love, Sherry

    1. Oh, I only wish I could claim it as mine! It spoke to me so deeply that I had to share it. Savvy Raj is the beautiful soul who penned these words….and many others which have expanded my sense of wonder. Maybe you wouldlike to follow her as well. Blessings to you, sweet Sherry, thank you so much for your thoughts. Much love *children singing**willows in mist**rainbows and butterflies*

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