Not Just Knitting My Brow

That’s right. The news may often leave me shaking my head in dismal wonder, or even make me cry at times, but I am finally taking some kind of action for the sake of society.I’m knitting again.

Those of you who have endured my previous attempts at this homey task–who have worn my well-ventilated caps, or even beheld the “bird cage cover” I crafted during a brief period of over confidence– may be cringing now, wondering why these miscreants of knotted yarn should be thrust upon an already ailing society. Well, you can calm yourselves, unclench your nerves and breathe with relief. This time I am not knitting alone. I’m even supervised by an expert.

You see, Shelley, a very kind lady at Temple Beth Sholom, has expanded her volunteer work here in Salem by founding “Hats for the Homeless”, And just like its name suggest, our mission is to deliver homemade knitted caps to folks who really need them.

So yesterday I trekked over to the local craft store, bought a fresh pair of bamboo knitting needles, a skein of what is termed “chunky” grey yarn, and a few thimbles. Why the thimbles? Because I have learned over the years that if I don’t use one on my right forefinger, knitting keeps me from reading. It’s the calluses, you know, the calluses that form on my Braille reading finger. Luckily, thimbles protect my ability to read.

At our first meeting this morning, I showed Shelley my current project. I’m not even up to my previous knitting level, but she assured me that I’m on the right track.

“It’s not perfect,” she said, “but it will certainly keep someone warm.”

So please, dear Readers, keep your fingers crossed for me that I absorb some of Shelley’s expertise as we go along. I’ll be busy knitting.

7 thoughts on “Not Just Knitting My Brow

  1. Aw, thank you! So sweet to find you here! Much love and blessings galore to you, my darling Joanne! *smiling heart*

  2. “It’s not perfect,” she said, “but it will certainly keep someone warm.”
    Love this line, for it says it all! Thank you for sharing the goodwill.
    Lovely piece Joan .

  3. Joan, I’m happy to hear that you’re giving knitting another try. I’m a knitter, who enjoys using fancy stitches and creating afghans with unique pattern combinations. Our local group donates hats and scarves to a home for women vets and a local interfaith outreach to the poor. I’m not doing anything this summer, but I’ll have to pick up the needles and try to figure out what you’re doing to get calluses on your Braille finger. I’m happy to hear you have a mentor.

    1. Donna, you never cease to amaze me…so gifted in so many ways! Glad to have you with me on this Life journey, blessings and sweetness to you! *willows in mist**children singing*

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