The Sea and Me

The sea moving between shores makes sense.

The sea , which transforms itself from a quiet glass of rippling reflections

into a rocketing mountain of foam

And fury, wild with watering eyes.

And I have been taught from every side

Life is a sea carrying me between two shores.

(Humans seem to like parentheses)

Beginnings and endings are tidy,

Tell us Where we have been and where we’re headed.

But just maybe, life has no parentheses.

Maybe Life is one infinite line with a few points that leap and dance.

Maybe an infinite circle, a place of silent

Knowing and bliss and love.

And we all–squid and algae, salmon, starfish and rubber boots–

Flail about frantically, suspended in darkness.

As we frolic and fight and spawn

like fish in the sea,

The sea of silent knowing, bliss and love.

Because we are the ever-shifting sea foam

Floating in the vast blue eternity of God.

7 thoughts on “The Sea and Me

    1. Oh, thank you, I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful remarks. It’s always so sweet to find you here, my darling Joanne! *willows in mist**children singing*

    1. Thank you, my sweet Sakshi, so wonderful to know you are reading. Blessings to you! *yellow butterflies**willows in mist**childen singing*

    1. So sweet to find you here, dear friend. All is well here. Sending blessings and sweetness *willows in mist**yellow butterflies*

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