How sweet

To see a thing plainly

To glimpse its nature

And its possibilities

You say

There’s something white on the lawn

Some tiny scrap of paper

And bending to pick it up

You see

Wings open to the air

The white creature flutters near

Then away to the garden

Two days later

Clothed in white

From kippah and prayer shawl

Down to my shoeless feet

I stand in the sanctuaryI

Bend the knee and bow

Lower my body and my being

Before the One

All the way down

Touch my heart to the floor

Feel the earth

its rhythm

Press my thoughts and forehead into timelessness

And rising

Feel my wings opening

To the light

To the sweetness of seeing myself


To the possibility

Of drawing near

7 thoughts on “Seeing

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem with its progression of creativity and magnitude of metaphor and thought-provoking courses!  Oh, the places your poetic lines take us!

    Best wishes–Alice and Willow

    1. I am so touched by your words, thank you alice, love finding you here…and Willow too. Blessings and love *yellow butterflies at dawn**willows in mist*

    1. Such a sweet surprise to find you here, darling Joanne, love and blessings to you *willows in mist**yellow butterflies and wild flowers*

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