On One Foot

On one foot

…brief updates about me and those I care about

*Autumn is moving into my neighborhood. Our 12-foot sunflower has succumbed to the rains and we will be trying to harvest this giant’s sunflower seeds along with those of its smaller brothers.

*I just finished reading a fascinating book about American literary giants in 19th century Concord Massachusetts: America Blooming. So now I will need to read more about Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne and Louisa May alcott.

*And to keep the giant theme going, I am less of one thanks to my continued yoga practice and the addition of morning sit-ups. I’m up to 90 a day, hoping to make it to 100 by the end of the year.

**What’s new with you, my darling readers?

4 thoughts on “On One Foot

  1. Hi, Joan–You will have to give an update about your amazing sunflower’s harvest.

        Too many years ago, I took a wonderful tour of the New England states.  One of my favorite historical homes to visit was Orchard House of the Alcotts.  The tour guide gave us especially interesting little details about Louisa and her sisters in regard to the house in Concord.  I hope you have or will visit Orchard House.

        90 sit-ups and on your way to 100!  Now, I know you are a “Wonder Woman”!

    Thanks for an interesting post–Alice and Willow

    1. You would probably like th book, dear Alice, since it deals a lot with the Alcotts, their various homes, and interactions with the other writers I mentioned. The title is actually American Bloomsbury. Blessings and sweetness to you and Willow! *smiling heart**rain showers on garden*

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