I long to stand like Ponderosa pines

Breathed and breathing

Naked to the wind and the rain

Poised always to receive

Always to give


I long to dance like Oregon air

My face open and giddy

My embrace wide as the sky

Moving always to give

Always to receive


I long to love like Love

Always loving


2 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Hello, Poet Joan–What a marvelous Thanksgiving poem!  After your excellent first, attention-grabbing line, your seventh line about the “Oregon air” is stellar.  Thanks for the gift of your poetry tonight!

    Best always, Alice and Willow

    1. So happy to know your are reading and enjoying my scribbles, dear Alice. Wishing you blessings and a sweet day *willows in mist**sunlight through fir branches**smiling heart*

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