Frost Comes

frost comes
grass stiffens
and I run to find my mittens

frost comes
birdies fluff
got my mittens
where’s my muff

frost comes
wildflowers fading
woolens on my shelf cascading

frost comes
Foggy glass
cloaks my eyes as people pass

frost comes
earmuffs muffle
frozen strangers by me shuffle

frost comes
then the snow
if I don’t feel
I’ll never know

**from One With Willows, 2019

3 thoughts on “Frost Comes

  1. Season’s Greetings, Joan–This poem is one of my favorites from ONE WITH WILLOWS.  I hope you choose this poem to present at our December Readers’ Workshop–even though you will also be moderating the meeting.

    Happy December!

    Alice and Willow

    1. Always a sweet treat to read your comments, darling Alice, thank you. Sending you warm thoughts and many blessings throughout this magical and mysterious season. *willows in mist**doggy footprints in snow*

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