Darling Friends,

May these dark days of winter, and the dark times of our lives be soothed and comforted and perhaps even sparked with joy as you embrace loved ones and friends, as you gaze into the Heavens with wonder, as you marvel at how unique you are, and come to realize what a precious gift you are to the world and to everyone you encounter.

I am grateful for your presence in my life, and for the wisdom and affection you bring me by way of your comments. So whatever you celebrate, may joy and wonder find you now and throughout the year. And may your light be a source of light to the world!

Joan Myles

Pattys World

Had a wonderful shower, clothes drying. Sitting in a beautiful patch of sun.
When I got out of the shower and discovered my clothes were not dry I put on a T-shirt and shorts. It’s that warm.
When Campbell said he needed out I put on my fuzzy robe, and high-top ankle boots, and went walking down the walk singing like some kind of silly fool with my robe blowing out all around me.
Everyone who saw us wished us a merry Christmas and one guy said he wished he could have my kind of fun.
My question. “Why can’t you?”
I love being silly and having a good time. My clothes are almost dry, soon I’ll get dressed and off to celebrate the day.
Just read a great holiday greeting. It said…
“Doesn’t matter what you celebrate. Just celebrate.”
I say celebrate every-day!

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