The Power of a Peanut

Darling Readers,

It’s the closing hours of day six, and we have already come so far.

You see, J and I awoke on December 30 to find Ari the WonderDog unable to stand. Thinking the worst, I phoned a hospice vet used by our daughter last summer to assist her beloved Zoey across the Rainbow Bridge, and spent the hours until her afternoon arrival crying with J, and saying good-bye. At 13 and a half, Ari’s health has always been excellent, his weight and activity level aligned to his age or better. This was something new and unexpected, and horribly, horribly frightening for all of us.

Dr Lori took one look at our WonderDog, and declared that good news was evident. She diagnosed Idiopathic Distibular something or other and proclaimed that within a week or so Ari might well achieve 90 percent of his abilities with our nursing care.

So our days have been occupied with Ari:

Feeding him kibble by hand, watering in small amounts, and rejoicing in the smallest of improvements.

Well yesterday, something truly amazing happened– We learned the power of the peanut.

Yes, Ari will do anything for a peanut, or a crumb of fetta cheese, or a bit of English muffin. The heck with fancy kibbles and dog treats flavored like chees or peanut butter. Our Ari prefers the real thing, only the real thing.

We learned this when I succeeded in coaxing him across my office with a nut or two. And while he is still afraid to traverse the tiled hallway from the bedroom to my office, he happily crawls after the lure, across

The room, stands on command with help, and scrambles with J across the forbidden zone to the next room. He has made this journey six times today, and each is mor confidently achievedthan the last.

And please don’t worry, dear friends, Ari is also eating a fair amount of his kibble, so we are not depriving him of his usual level of nutrition.

There is no telling whether Ari will make it all the way back to his happy-go-lucky self, or what the future holds. But for now, J and I are delighting in the courage and eagerness of Ari to be who he is, a Lab from tongue to tail, alert and loving and most of all, ready to do anything for a delicious snack. Especially a peanut.

Wishing you every sweetness and blessing in 2020,

6 thoughts on “The Power of a Peanut

  1. Dear Joan and Ari,

       Willow and I send you are warmest thoughts and best wishes for a very good recovery of your extraordinary Labrador.  Please give Ari some positive pats from us.

    May many more peanut treats be in Ari’s future,

    Alice and Leader Dog Willow

    1. Thank you Alice and Willow. Ari has had an amazing day, filled with treats and unaided walking about the living room, chasing after his circling humans…whew! About to enjoy a cozy fire in the hearth, and more adventures are sure to come tomorrow. Keep those positive vibes coming, love and blessings to you.

    1. Thanks for being there, darling Annie, I truly appreciate your canine wisdom and friendship. Ari does as well. Blessings and love to you and lots of wags!

  2. Joan, I just discovered this blog and learned about Ari’s vestibular challenges! So glad to hear of your sweet dog’s gradual improvement. May he have a complete and speedy recovery!

    1. Thank you so much Francine for your kind concern and prayers. We have had an amazing morning already…all the way outside, down the 3 steps into the grass…all on his own. Talk about ruah! Blessings and love to you!

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