The Power of a Peanut part 2

Darling Friends,

Things have been happening so quickly around here, that I must let you know I will be breaking my own rule today–I will need to post twice in one day to keep you all up to date. Your kind words and sweet thoughts/prayers have worked wonders, keeping our spirits high as the struggle continues. Please know there is much love for you and many wags of appreciation on this end.

Blessings to you!

Day 8

Ari wants to move, that is apparent. He will crawl for a treat, will stand and walk a few steps when encouraged with “Okay, let’s go, 1, 2, 3, up Ari.”

But the tiled hallway is too much for him. It’s downright terrifying. Maybe it’s too slick for his wobbling steps. Maybe he remembers how his feet went out from under him a couple of time before this nightmare began. Has it only been eight days since he was walking?

Our days have been spent moving and encouraging Ari to move independently. We coax him to move in circles around the bedroom, hustle him across the hall to my office for his usual day with me, hustle him back for snuggles and treats, and J even manages to get him down the hall to the living room. We parade in circles around the room a few times, bestow praise and treats galore, and settle down for a bit of quiet, seemingly normal, reading time.

Joy is a welcome guest. Or perhaps I should say, Joy is a cherished family member we yearn to keep with us. We are counting our glimpses of her as she draws near, and we can’t wait to help her unpack once she finally, truly returns

There is only the matter of the hall, the danger zone.

So J heads off to Home Depot for some runners. Maybe carpet will provide the grip Ari needs to move about independently.

With everything in place, we try again. A few apple bits, and Ari is up and at the door of the room.

“You can do it,” I urge, “look how easy it is now,” and I back down the hall.

Timidly, he crosses the threshold, into the hall, all the way, across the kitchen, into the living room.

Once there, we prance about, all of us. I offer treats as I move slowly backward, J behind me to guide. He even manages to catch a few minutes of our parade on video for the vet to see.

A few hours later, we make the return trip with no trouble, back down the hall. And what a startling, and sweet surprise when Ari later decides to simply walk himself across the hall to my office. What a champ!

An exhilarating, exhausting day draws to an end. We can only hold our breath hopefully as we all drift off to sleep, wondering what the morning will bring.

8 thoughts on “The Power of a Peanut part 2

    1. Thank you, sweet Friend! You know, I feel you with me through thi thanks to your encouraging and loving support! *smiling heart**pawprints in snow*

  1. Joan–I had been hoping for an update about Ari, so I was quite pleased to find your blog post when Willow and I returned home a short while ago.  Hurray for Ari!  According to most well-known Labs, carpet runners are wonderful.  Bless you all!

    Sending pets and good wishes for Ari–Alice and Leader Dog Willow

    1. Thank you Alice and Willow! Your loving energy and good wishes are greatly appreciated. Love and wags to you *smiling heart**willows in mist**pawprints in snow*

  2. Yay!!! I’m so happy to hear about his positive steps. I have been thinking of all of you so much and I was hoping to get an update. Stay strong (all of you) and know that I am sending you lots of love, hugs, and pets.

      1. OMG indeed! Way to go, Ari!!! Hugs all around! Hope this is just the start of a great turn-around.

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