The Power of a Peanut part 5

Day 11

Ari is not down for the count yet.

In fact, our morning has been unusually typical–out to the kitchen for Ari’s breakfast, and for ours. A bit of time chatting over coffee and headlines, a little reading, and out with Ari.

This time, we try the front door again. The back is too treacherous, and the garage too tricky in terms of flooring and distance.

So J places one of the carpet runners over the tile just inside the door, and calls Ari with a bit of orange.

Our boy is dressed in his dandy new harness, the lease goes on, the door opens, and they exit. J hoists Ari down the single step to the grass, and voila!

We spend the day as usual: laundry, tidying, reading–with Ari mostly near me in the office and occasionally moving about the house.

There are inquiries about going out , but Ari seems in no rush. So we wait.

Dinner comes and goes for J and me, then for Ari. Finally, the fetta chees comes out for a convincer.

At the front door, dog and man are at odds, but J hauls Ari out and the team is triumphant once more.

“Good Boy,” we gush together.

Ari simply wags his magnificent tail

4 thoughts on “The Power of a Peanut part 5

  1. So glad Ari is making progress. You’ve sure come up with great ideas to help him ie his favorite treats, carpeting & runners, encouraging baby steps of progress, a helpful harness, trying the different house entrances, etc. He’s a lucky dog to have you for owners, & you’re lucky to have such a cute, loving dog.

  2. You should see this brave boy, the ruah he exhibits if amazing, Sherry! Thanks for your ongoing love and support, blessings and love to you!

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