*Kindling Joy*

Surely joy is the condition of life.

–Henry David Thoreau

I awake after dreaming about a celebration. Dishing up ice cream–butter pecan topped with chocolate syrup, in fact–enough for J and me, for his brother and my sister, both of whom we have not seen for over ten years, a true celebration.

And as I step out of bed, Ari stirs slightly on the rug.

We make our way into the kitchen,breakfast on eggs and coffee or kibble

As appropriate–and doesn’t everything seem so mundane and natural, as if we only imagined all the week’s difficulties, our flailings and successes?

And yes, I am ready to celebrate, ready to sing and cheer, to praise and dance with joy. I am so grateful for Life and Love, for loved ones and fresh starts, for the assurance of hope, the promise of consolation.

Outside the wind and rain proclaim another Oregon winter morning. Mysterious bumps and moans respond to the bluster, but inside we are warm and fed and together. Later this afternoon, I will kindle the Shabbot candles once again. I will renew my acknowledgement of the Divine Creator, of Creation spiritually based and intact.

Because Joy is the condition of Life. Joy and gratitude and Love Divine. Ruah (meaning Spirit or wind in Hebrew) rules the day outside our human abode these days, and remains Ever-vigilent within our hearts– within and around every aspect of Creation, including humanity, all the way down to this humble poet and Ari the WonderDog.

Wishing you sweetness and light, Darling Friends!

Shabbot Shalom,


PS- I invite you to share your own expressions of Joy or Gratitude, whether poetry or prose, for upcoming Friday posts. Just please keep verse to 30 lines or less, and other writing to 300 words. Send to jmyles63

2 thoughts on “*Kindling Joy*

  1. Dear Joan,

       After this week of reading your posts and enduring three long days of pile-driving across the street from where I live, how wondrous to read your post with the marvelous quotation from Thoreau and your elaboration on this theme of “kindling joy”! This thought lifts my spirits.  Coincidentally, expected, joyous news has come to me tonight:  my nephew and his young family have welcomed into their home on this January night a darling, little fur-ball of a puppy–Bella, a Golden-doodle.

    With thanks for the joy which your writing brings,

    Alice and Willow

    1. Alice, your company along this difficult path has certainly been a gift, thank you for being there! And blessings to you and Willow, and to the new puppy’s family.

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