The Power of a Peanut part 6


Day 13

Ari slept in his old favorite place last night–cuddled up on the loveseat at the end of our bed, the one we use for TV viewing. He managed to get partway up by himself, and only needed a little boost to settle in. It’s the only seat in the house where we are all allowed to sit together, where we can cozy up and cuddle at the end of a long day. Our days have been very long lately, so the chance to cuddel like old times feels downright miraculous. And finding Ari there when the alarm goes off, simply perfect.

7:30 ane Ari has already eaten and gone out. Yes, he resisted a bit at the door, and it took J’s muscles once more to haul him down the single step, but he went out and now we are readying for our own breakfast.


We’ve all had lunch, and Ari says “No way,” to going out again. No coaxing with orange bits or peanuts will lure him near the front door. J is hoping to venture forth on a few errands, but not until Ari is comfortably situated.

“I give up,” he says after several long attempts, “What can I do?”

“Mind if I try?” I ask.

“Go ahead,” he sighs. He brushes past where I sit crosslegged on the floor beside Ari’s nearly-empty food bowl. Despite all our successes, Ari still resists chowing down independently, still prefers being hand fed–“room service” is what I call it.

I stand up slowly, find my shoes by the back door, and grab the leash and container of orange bits left on the table.

“Who’s the sweetest boy? Ari,” I sing to the melody of Irving Berlin’s “Always”, the song J and I claimed as our own during our long-ago courtship. Then I say, “Come on, Ari, let’s go out.” I offer a treat, and he accepts it heartily.

I continue singing, Who’s the sweetest boy? Ari,” and slowly back down the carpet runner toward the front door.

“Who’s the sweetest boy?

Who’s our pride and joy?”

A few paces away, I offer again and Ari moves ahead to accept.

“Loves to find a toy?

Ari, Ari”

I repeat the process a couple more times, verify my own whereabouts a time or two, an dat last stand just inside the door with Ari beside me.

“Good boy, Ari,” the lease goes on and the door opens. I step outside, and wonder of wonders, Ari follows.

Suddenly J is at my right saying, “He’s off the step.”

I hand the leash over, and once inside, close the door behind me.

A few minutes later, we are all hugging and wagging in the living room, laughing, “Good job, good job, all around.”

7 pm

J is back from his errands, and we have had a bit of fun trying to get Ari to play. His friends just aren’t good company yet, so we wait for the call to go out.

Finally, we are all heading for the front door, handing out peanuts enroute. I attach the leash, and say cheerily, “Let’s go out, Ari. J goes outside, I hand off the leash, and Ari follows, happily wakking on his own, still a bit off-kilter, but somewhat steadied by J and the leash.

What a dance we do as the pair returns, rain-splattered yet triumphant!

11 thoughts on “The Power of a Peanut part 6

    1. Thank you, darling Sherry, feel you with us! Blessings and love *willows in mist**pawprints wherever you go*

    1. Thank you, dear Annie! I feel you with us, you and your own canine heros. Blessings and love to you! *hugs and wags*

  1. Oh, Joan, what wonderful moments you are all having! I’m sorry Ari is struggling but you and J seem to know all the tricks and Ari seems to really want to do what is being asked of him.
    I’m so glad I got to meet him and hope to see him again when he feels better and wants loving from an almost stranger. Sending you all love, hugs and prayers.

    1. I’m sure you will have the chance again very soon! He is such a brave and sweet soul, so generous in his love and courage. Blessings and love to you, Shelley! *smiling heart*

  2. i’ve been reading all the Ari posts — began with the first and made my way up here — Phew! What a relief. You and J are soooo good and Ari is the best-est-est — hugs to Ari from me and feel so blessed and happy he is getting better. Thank you for your amazing writing and magical heart – taking us by hand and letting us share this journey with you. Much, much, much love and huggggie hug hugs! *paw prints in the snow* *dancing butterflies* *smiling flowers* *music of the spheres enveloping rainbows*

    1. Oh, sweetest friend, you would be so inspired to witness this canine angel, such courage and trust he embodies! He improves daily–now able to jump onto the loveseat by himself, and even venturing down and up the back steps to the grass. Love Divine continues to be our Guide and Support, and the kindness of friends is appreciated.Thank you for reading, I so love finding you here! Blessings and much love *hummingbirds at dawn**shildren embracing**yellow butterflies*

  3. Really interesting. I will come later. I have been working from midnight and now for a nap! Now you see! I heard you saying I have not come for a long time! Again 25th 2020 6.32 AM I am getting the Healing energy again in my left Hand. Have Faith and I wish Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity for the year 2020 and the coming days too. Lots of Loving Hugs from me ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Oh, sweet friend, how nice to find you here, you have been missed. I wish you sweetness always, andblessings of healing for your hand, as well as goodness in this new year. *willows in mist**rainbows and butterflies*

      1. I have got the, The Gift of Healing down The Generations from My Maternal Grand father and Great Grandfather. I get them so that Others May Heal. Not only to their hands But how ever they are needed ❤ ❤ ❤

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