Love teaches

Love teaches in its quiet way,

A workman of sorts

Building in silence.

Wile the world hammers and drills

Loud and insistent

Into my being.

Love persists

Alive as the air

Only a breath away.

8 thoughts on “Love teaches

    1. So sweet to know you are reading, dear Alice, thank you! Wishing you a beautiful day and many blessings! *hummingbirds at sunrise**pawprints in snow*S w

    1. Thank you, Annie, so sweet to find you here! Ari is a constant delight and inspiration. Blessings and love to you *willows in mist**starlight at midnight**children embracing*

    1. Thank you, sweet Savvy, such a delight to find you here. Wishin you blessings and love! *sunlight through clouds**hummingbirds**yellow butterflies*

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