It’s amazing how days of sad and serious struggle so easily overtake every positive thought and sap the very life energy from a person.

And it is just as amazing how such days blur and fade into mistas positive energy and goodness returns to one’s thoughts and one’s world.

Such are the mysteries and miracles I continue to contemplate day by day on this Journey.


Meanwhile, Ari happily gallops up and down the carpeted hall, follows J and me into the tiled kitchen and laundry room, eats heartily from a ceramic bowl *still objecting to his dogbowl*, and even brings an occasional friend to join the fun.

*dancing feet*

And every moment I delight in where we are , right now, together and functioning, tucked miraculously inside Life and Love Divine.

With you on the Journey!

5 thoughts on “Amazing

    1. So grateful for your friendship and canine wisdom, and I feel you with me, dear annie, in honoring the Love and ‘spirit embodied in our buddies. Wishing you a sweet and beautiful day *sunlight through mist**children dancing**pawprints in snow

  1. This is such a beautiful write. So happy about Ari and so very grateful to feel your heart, your deep musings and joyful spirit. Prayers and love for a magical day -” tucked miraculously in life and love divine” — these words are so heavenly and yet right here, right now. Thank YOU, beloved Joan for the sweet light you share with all of us.

    1. You are most welcome, darling Krishnapria to share my heart, mymusings and my journey, so grateful to be beside you! Blessings and much love for sweet dreams and a lovely day *willows in mist**yellow butterflies*

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