It Is Enough

Dear Friends,

I claim membership to the community of creative folk, those who seek goodness and sweetness in all things of nature and fellow humans.

And as a means of giving back for all that I receive, I write, poetry mostly.

For words have their subtle way of coaxing and influencing, and I would use mine for goodness only, to bless and inspire any who read.

If my words bring the slightest comfort or a twinge of delight, if my images expands someone’s sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural world, if what I write draws the reader closer to Love Divine,

It is enough.

Wishing you blessings and sweetness,


10 thoughts on “It Is Enough

    1. Thank you, my dear friend Alice, I trust you will tell me if I ever stray. Blessings and love *willows in mist**pawprints in snow*

  1. Sooooo beautiful – your words are all this and bring so, so, so much joy and love to me – and hugs from sweet Divine. Can i be a member with you in the community? Walking behind four paws singing, smiling and dancing in poetry puddles?

  2. Yes,, oh yes, darling Krishnapria, we are dancing in poetry puddles *love this* holding hand, raising our song to the Heavens, with Ari right in our midst! Love you *flickering starlight**rainbows**willows in mist*

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