Blame The Sun

Jewniquely Myself

blame the sun
if I’ve spent my day
and blinking
and wanting to play

blame the sun
and the blue
blue sky
if I lazed about
Dazed about
with only a sigh

for the winds will be commin
dark days keep me bummin

every day will be rainin
everyone a-complainin

let’s ignore dust motes sailin
and write poems braillin

in this moment
that’s scarcely begun
let the wind kiss your cheek
fiercely love
don’t be meek
blame the sun
blame the sun
blame the sun

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2 thoughts on “Blame The Sun

    1. Oh, what a sweet surprise, thank you! I hope you will drop in again, and share what you like. Wishing you sweetness on your journey. *willows in mist**sunbeams through wispy clouds**children dancing*

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