Life With Ari

First Meetings

Maybe you remember how it is to go on that first date: you’re all jitters, you want to make a good impression, and you sure don’t want to be a fool.

And maybe you even know how it is with a blind date: you’ve heard what he’s like from a mutual friend, and he’s supposed to fit you to a tea, and again, you don’t want to be a fool.

So you do everything you can to prepare yourself: you talk up your confidence, get ready to fall madly in love, and brace yourself for a complete dud.

So it was for me in March of 2008.

Our mutual GDB trainer Caroleen brought me to the office, left me alone with my thoughts for a few moments, and went to fetch the canine fellow who was supposed to be just right for me.

I’d like to say it was love at first sight, or rather touch. But we were both a little shy. When Caroleen left me alone with Ari, he didn’t romp over right away and lick my face as I had read other guides did with their new teammates. He simply wagged politely, and sat at my command.

I remember thinking how big his head was on my lap, how sweet his velvety ears.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t love but I definitely had a huge crush on Ari right away.

And it sure wasn’t long before gentille courtesy developed into true companionship and dedicated teamwork.

The very essence of love.

4 thoughts on “Life With Ari

  1. Joan–Warm thanks for your sharing your early days with Ari! Your perspective on those initial days with your remarkable guide dog is unique.  I do wish there were more words of comfort to share with you.

    Take good care!  Talk with you soon–Alice and Willow

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