April 2020


God loves a fool

Not stupidity




A childlike nature

Like the gate with its broken latch

Swinging to and fro with the rhythm of hope

7 thoughts on “April 2020

    1. Thanks so much, Annie, blessings and sweetness to you *willows in mist**starlight**smiling heart*

  1. Joan–I especially like the image of the gate swinging back and forth in this April poem.  This image takes me back to childhood when gates could become a piece of playground equipment to enjoy for a few minutes or much longer.

    Happy National Poetry Month!

    Alice and Willow

    1. Perfect, thank you dear Alice, blessings and sweetness to you and Willow *wind tossed petals**yellow butterflies**children dancing*

  2. This brought back memories of a childhood when my cousins and I would swing across the gate, pretending to be playing bus bus!!

    1. What a delightful picture, thank you, my dear Pari, for sharing, wishin you love and sweetness always! *children singing**swaying willows**smiling heart*

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