6 thoughts on “April 2020

    1. Absolutely–the thought of coming together agin with family and friends when this is past, with sweet embraces as we share love and community, and a good meal seasoned with sweet basil! Thank you so much for dropping in and commenting, dear Lynda, sending blessings and sweetness to you *willows in mist**children embracing**flower patals in a breeze*

  1. Joan–Thanks for this creative basil poem!  Another connection! Each year, I plant two “basil Trees”–yes, I nurture my basil plants to grow into small trees, reaching a height of three or more feet.  I love the fragrance of basil, especially after a soft rain.  Like the garlic and rosemary, basil smells like home to me.  So, I do appreciate your  brief basil reflection today.

    Take good care–Alice and Willow

    1. Yes, yes, there is such sweet comfort in the scent of basil, of home and gathering…and how amazing you are able to nurture your plants into small trees! A sign of the nurturing essence you bring to the world, thank you, dear Alice! Blessings and love to you *sunlight through clouds**children singing**pawprints in sand*

  2. Sometimes we find courage and hope in the smallest of things! That hope that the sapling will break forth from the earth and fill our tiny garden patch with its sweet smell. 🙂

    1. Yes, my darling Pari! *smiling child* I’ll meet you in the garden to plant the seeds and breathe the sweetness of the hope we are planting! *dancing willows**wind tossed petals*

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