Counting The Omer

*one more repeat poem during this month of poetry*

Jewniquely Myself

At this moment, I stand in the space between.

Between my personal Exodus from slavery

And my fully realized potential as a human being.

Between fearful isolation

And the embrace of community.

Between blissful ignorance

And the frustrating challenge of social involvement.

I stand between who I was, who you were, what the world has lost

And who you and I might be, and what the world might become.

But I cannot see the way forward,

Or read the future in sand paintings of the past.

I can only count

Each day like a rung

Of some ancient ladder

That creaks and trembles

With each breath I take.






Every day

Every hour

Every moment

Learn to hope

Learn to love

Learn to breathe anew

Learn to be


Like ruah

Which fills space.

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