April 2020 11

A crow came into my garden

And after tug and pull

At winter grass and withered stems

He flew away–beak full

Two crows perused my garden

Each from a different view

Upon the fence sat side by side

I wondered what they’d do

They fluttered down

They walked about

As if they owned the place

Returning to their lofty branch

From earth to sky with grace

6 thoughts on “April 2020 11

    1. You said it, dear Annie, and don’t we learn so much by their examples! Blessings and love to you *hummingbirds at dawn**children dancing**pawprints in sand*

  1. Joan–What a delightful poem–especially for bird lovers! Despite all of the logical restrictions, we can still thankfully enjoy bird calls and bird songs.  Although we used to have many crows in downtown Milwaukee, the number significantly diminished after a big and long-lasting construction project.  Apparently, crows, like I, do not like construction.  A few mornings ago, while on a walk with Willow, I was surprised pleasantly to hear the call of one crow.

    Thanks for another poem which has brightened my day–Alice and Willow

    1. Thank you for adding your sweet song to my garden, dear Alice, blessings and love to you! *willows in mist**pawprints in sand**children dancing*

  2. May be they really own the place, or their ancestors did and they are wondering who is this human on my land!

    1. I agree completely, darling Pari, and am happy to mind my place. Blessings and love to you *sunrise through clouds**children watching birds**smiling clouds*

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