April 2020 14

*I just got back from a virtual poetry luncheon given by Behind Our Eyes, an online group for blind writers. We feasted on soup and salad, a bit of bread with the main course, and a few sweet treats at the end. We came together as we always do, a conference call stretching from Oregon to Virginia, and I provided the bubbly. Cheers, y’all!*


Bright as a sunbeam bursting through the fog
Up along the meadow path bounds my faithful dog
Breezy and spirited
Buoyant and free
Love like a child’s embrace
You here with me

7 thoughts on “April 2020 14

    1. So delighted to be with you all, thanks for the kind words, my dear Lynda, always love hearing from you, blessings! *yellow daffodils**children singing**willows in mist*

  1. Joan–Cheers to you for your wonderful presentation of this lovely and endearing acrostic at the virtual poetry luncheon of Behind our Eyes today!  I am so glad to find this poem on your blog this afternoon.

    Take care, and “bubbly” wishes–Alice and Willow

    1. Thank you, darling Alice, you are such a poetic gift, blessings and love to you and Willow! *sunbeams through clouds**yellow butterflies**children dancing*

    1. Always so sweet to find you here, darling Pari, thank you for joining me on this journey, blessings and love to you! Wishing you joy *garden blooms**children dancing**wispy clouds*

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