April 2020 30

*The final day of National Poetry Month is here, but the sweet and ever-renewing essence of Poetry is always with us, if we have ears to hear. Wishing you peace and health and the delight of Her song, my darling Friends*


Even the rain hides

Droplets of light


Pockets of sweetness

9 thoughts on “April 2020 30

    1. So sweet of you to comment, dear Crystal, I delight in your company, and the light you bring this journey, blessings! *singing daffodils**dancing willows**smiling raindrops*

  1. Dear beautiful Joan – not able to get online much nowadays — just peaked in and caught your lovely words — there is such magic in them – simple, playful and altogether wondrous -just like you. *embracing hearts* *four paw prints and four foot prints* *in melting snow*

    1. Oh beloved Krishnapria, such a sweet, sweet delight to find you here on my morning path, here beside Love’s dazzling waterfall, ready to dance and sing and play with me for a brief moment,you must have heard my heart calling to you! Much love and blessings galore always await you, my beautiful friend *angels embracing**willows singing**children dancing*

  2. And the droplets reveal a rainbow when the sunlight hits them, sparkling and bringing about joy 😀

    1. Yes, yes, darling Pari that’s the secret of raindrops, blessings and love to you, dear friend! *smiling rainbows**dancing flowers**children embracing*

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