On one foot

On one foot

…brief updates about me and those I love

**Yesterday’s gorgeous sunshine was just what J and I needed to transplant our tomato seedlings into their mini-garden pots. Next is sweet basil.

**The daily “pupdates” we get regarding our daughter’s newly adopted dog Bucky are a constant source of delight as humans and canine navigate the ups and downs of getting acquainted and adjusting. The big guy has had 4 homes in his short life, not to mention other hidden reasons for anxiety–but CC is making good use of Dog Whisperer videos, and everyone is learning. So proud of them all.

**And while I await the all-clear signal, I’m doing my best to settle for Skyping with grandkids I would rather be hugging; continuing my sit-ups and adding a bit of rowing; and wrapping up final editting of my second volume of poetry.

**How are you maintaining, Darling Friends? And where are you finding sweetness these days? Please let me hear from you, and know I wish you love and light always.

7 thoughts on “On one foot

    1. Thank you, dear Crystal, wishing you sweetness and love *willows in mist**children dancing**yellow butterflies*

  1. Dear Joan,

        As I take a quick break from my packing for the move, I am blessed with the joyful reading of your blog today.  Happy gardening and happy puppy!  Your exercise regiment continues to amaze.  I am so very glad to hear that you are nearing the end of your work on your second volume of poetry.

    Until we are settled on the other side of the big lake,

    Alice and Willow

    1. So sweet to hear from you, darling alice, I think of all you are doing, your big move, resettling in a new town with Willow beside you, and I can’t wait to hear of all your adventures. Sending much love and wishes for a smooth transition *smiling clouds**yellow butterflies**singing children*

  2. I am so happy to read that the sun has been shining there! Sadly, here the sun is shining way too much 😀 Although I am not complaining but everybody around is! I have been reading, taking French lessons, work and everything. Sending you love and good wishes Joan 🙂

    1. Ah, sweet Pari, I love picturing you reading and studying, visions of Paris tugging at you as you work…thank you for sharing this journey with me, wishing you much love and blessings galore always *rainbows**children dancing**smiling clouds*

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