Mother’s Day Skyping

*Living with social distancing does not come easy to me. As a blind person, I need tactile input for so many things. And as a Mom, well, I’m a hugger from way back. So you do what you can to stay connected, right? Wishing you sweetness as we continue to navigate these tricky times, sweetness and a sense of Love ever with you!*

Mother’s Day skyping

Is the best for us all–

“Our connection is poor”,

So we move down the hall.

“It’s so good to be with you!”

“Where’s your face? I can’t see.”

“What’s that?

Dog is barking”

“Are you talking to me?”

“Shift the camera–that’s better.”

“Are you out in the yard?”

“Getting late, do your homework.”

“He’s not here.”

“This is hard.”

‘I’m so proud you’re my children.”

‘You’re the best.”

“Love you,too.”

“Can we do this again?”


“Count me in.”

“And me too.”

So despite the not hugging

And the too-tekky start,

Mother’s Day was the sweetest–

Voice to voice

Heart to heart.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Skyping

    1. So sweet to hear from you, dear Joanne, blessings and love to you! *children dancing**willows in mist**wispy clouds*

  1. Oooh! This is such a tender, sweet write. Huggggiiieee hug hugs to you, my beloved Joan – across the miles, from within your own heart – flowers, smiles, dancing stars. Happy Mother’s Day!

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