Blooming Agave plant

*Just heard that in Portland, folks are gathering to witness an event which happens only every 15 years or so–a spot of sweetness amid such difficult times*

Blooming Agave Plant

Once in a lifetime

You just cannot help gawking

Love makes itself known

3 thoughts on “Blooming Agave plant

  1. Love the last line — how do you come up with such magic? Magic that brings a smile to my face and a dance in my heart! Thank you, for your sweetness and presence here, dear dear Joan. *squeezing hands smiling fingers* *dancing feet shining stars* *singing flowers laughing clouds*

    1. The moment comes, as you know my darling beloved Krishnapria, and I hope to be ready, yearn to be open, so happy my little words touch you, wishing you Love and Light …which you always reveal to me *children dancing**raindrops amid sunbeams**sunrise over mountains*

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