Do you hear in the distance–

Like the drum of a chief,

Or an elephant’s footfall,

The heartbeat of a thief–

Past the splattering rain and the call of a crow,

That faint rumble from childhood few Salem folks know?

From the depth of my being I am urged to attend.

So I run to the window,

As if meeting a friend.

Push the curtains aside,

Open wide to the breeze,

Feel the rush of my spirit

With the swaying of trees–

Feel Creation as One

As I fall to my knees.

4 thoughts on “Thunder

    1. So sweet to hear from you, dear Annie, thanks for your kind remarks, blessings and love to you *dancing raindrops**wispy clouds**pawprints in sand*

    1. Thanks, darling Joanne, so sweet to know you are reading, wishing you much love *children dancing**willows in mist**pawprints in sand*

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