Writers Grapevine

*I am delighted to be a regular contributor to the Writer’s Grapevine.The May issue features “One Day” from my book One With Willows, as well as two book reviews–thank you, Patty! I hope you darling readers will take this opportunity to enjoy the varied styles of poetry and prose it offers. Please let me know your thoughts. Wishing you Love and Light always*

7 thoughts on “Writers Grapevine

  1. Hello my dear friend.
    thanks so very much for sharing our labor of love here.
    The magazine has turned into a happy team effort, and is something I look forward to putting together each month.
    Thanks for being a part of it.

    1. Truly my delight and privilege, Patty, blessings and love to you! *children dancing**yellow butterflies**pawprints in sand*

      1. I hear you…it’s a good thing to have friends who can act as ladders…*smiling heart* Thanks for being mine so often

      2. Well, after today’s debacles I’m almost about to just drag the dirt overtop me and hide.

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