Anguish Upon Anguish

Because I can only share what my heart speaks,, I find myself returning to a previous piece, a kind of meditative solace and hope. May sweetness and Love enlighten our path, blessings my Dear Ones.*

You find me weeping

Anguish upon anguish still

Love is possible

7 thoughts on “Anguish Upon Anguish

    1. And to you, dear Wendi, with you in Love and Light–your post this morning was exquisite, thank you! *sunrise over mountains**children embracing**yellow butterflies*

    1. Thank you, dearest Crystal, I feel our hearts joined in this journey toward the One, blessings to you *rainbows**daffodils*

    1. Thank you , my darling SN, I feel your hand in mine on this journey, knowing Love Divine enwraps All in Sweetness and Light, that the anguish is only the mirage of the ment just before dawn is made evident, blesings to you *smiling heart*

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