*The Jewish calendar marks this time as the start of a new year, a fresh beginning, a space to turn inward in an effort to reflect upon personal shortcomings and the possibility of change. This is a spotlight moment to realize the importance of life, the value of meaningful interactions with friends and loved ones, with Nature and the planet, and certainly with Divinity. The ancient cry of the shofar (ram’s horn) opens our ears and hearts, calling us back into meaning, the meaning of this season, this moment, every precious moment of our precious lives. Wishing you sweetness on your journey, darling friends*

Today is new

Can you feel it?

Right now

The sun is cloaked in shimmering clouds

And the sky is streaked in pink and orange

But just for a moment

Because now the wind is pushing past

And snatching away the clouds

The cloak

Revealing the sun

And all it is

And you are new

Can you feel it?

Right now

You are cloaked in clouds as well

In yesterdays streaked with sadness and delight

But just for a moment

Because when you hear the shofar

Its ancient blast Will snatch away your cloak

Revealing all you are

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