What’s Up With Bucky

So maybe you’re wondering what’s new with Bucky, the big, big dog in my life by way of my daughter. Well he has been working hard to overcome the trauma of being shifted from home to home during the first year of his life. CC and her husband have managed to leash train him, and have even eased him into unpanicked interactions with neighborhood dogs and their people during daily walks. Cats are still a trigger for loud barking…but I understand that one.

As far as visiting with Bucky, J and I are among his favorite humans, probably thanks to the treats we readily dispense on command. He knows our ring-tone so well in fact that whenever I phone to chat, he runs to the window expecting to see our car, and whines when he doesn’t.

And if you think that is the sweetest thing, just listen to this…

The last time we went to visit CC and Bucky, we had no sooner settled into our places on the patio, than Bucky came over to where I sat, stood up on his hind feet, and gently wrapped his forepaws around my shoulders for a hug.


Yes, I’m in love !

Of course nothing will ever replace Ari in my affections. Ari was one of a kind, full of empathy, courage and play. But Ari definitely paved the way for Bucky. Ari revealed to us what Canines bring to human existence, taught us to see beneath the fur coat and animal antics into the heart of a living soul Whose only purpose is to love and be loved.

So in honor of Ari and Bucky and all the Canine teachers in our lives, I wish you Sweetness and Love, my Darling Friends!

5 thoughts on “What’s Up With Bucky

    1. Delighted to know youare still reading, Joanne, thanks for commenting! Blessings and Love to you *willows in mist**winged sunbeams**pawprints in sand*

  1. Hello from me. I am sure You will settle down well with Bucky and we’ll be able to see his picture too. Sending many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies Your way ❤ 🙂 ❤

    1. Always such a sweet delight to hear from you my lovely friend, wishing you peace and love, light and joy *swaying willows**wispy clouds**pawprints in sand*

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