On One Foot

On One Foot

…brief updates about me and those I love

** The sun is shining at last here in Salem, and I feel like I am running to catch up with myself.

*silver haired blind lady running breathlessly to catch giggling little imp-girl*

**Because at last I can announce the publication of my second book of poetry

One Glittering Wing

You can find the print paperback at Amazon, and the ebook will be available in about 72 hours.

*silver haired blind lady turning cartwheels*

Here are a few words from the Foreword, written by poet and memoirist, Ada Molenoff:

“Throughout the book, word-pictures of sensory experience and metaphors reveal meaning. Poetic forms fit her themes of nature, loss, spirituality, and the world’s repair. Each poem tells its tale indirectly, letting the reader leap to understanding. We not only read the pieces—we participate in them. For example, the poet’s vivid storytelling in “Walls” generates empathy and finally, our indignation.”

**And as Autumn paints trees and landscape in hues of gold and rust, beckons us into our homes, our families, ourselves, I wish you each and all sweetness and hope, Love and Light.

*silver haired blind lady embracing the giggling little imp-girl*

4 thoughts on “On One Foot

    1. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this one, darling Annie! *children dancing**dogs dancing**willows and butterflies dancing*

    1. Thank you, my sweet friend, your company and support means so much to me! *willows in mist**wispy clouds at sunset**pawprints in sand*

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