Inviting You

Darling Friends,

You know me.

I share my thoughts with you, whisper my soul’s longings into your inner ear.

You know my heart’s delights and have even kept me company in times of loss and sadness.

And I am so grateful.

So grateful that I want to put aside my natural shyness, push past my social-media awkwardness, and invite you into my home.

*silver-haired blind lady standing at open mailbox after inserting the last of many envelopes*

BeginningMonday November 2, I will post the biographical information of bloggers I follow who share my bio. These posts will continue daily up to Thanksgiving Day–and beyond if needed–to express my sincere gratitude for your company on my life journey. Because, Dear Reader, these moments we share are quite precious to me. The time you take to read my jottings, to express whether you like them or resonate in some way with them, to share some tidbit of your own life experience…what gifts you bring me!

*silver-haired blind lady standing at open door, smiling sweetly*

So please, won’t you join me in a cup of tea or cocoa?

We can sit by the fire and chat about our dreams and aspirations, our hopes and remembrances.

And maybe, the sweetness we exchange in these simple moments will radiae beyond us, expanding in circles, in embraces of compassion and joy and friendship, bringing a spark or two of light into these difficult times.

*If you have questions, you may contact me via my “About Joan” page

*Otherwise, just share my bio and I’ll understand you are with me

*silver-haired blind lady sipping tea before cozy fireplace…chatting with you*

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