My Two Shekels

My Two Shekels

…a bit of friendly philosophizing

During these days of Covid, I find myself quickly jotting “Be well” at the end of an email, or singing “Be Well” into the phone just before hanging up.

But this morning it hits me:be well…be well…be a well…

And I realize how fraught with meaning my everyday interactions can be if I just take time to think, to avail myself of the moment’s inspirations, if I reflect upon the words I use, the layers of meaning they suggest.

*Be Well*

So I whisper the words, draw them out in long breaths, in then slowly out again.



An abundance of water falling from the clouds

gathering into a pool at my feet

collecting in my cupped hands

Spilling out and over

into a dish

a basin

a well.

And I see…

the image of a thirsty child, a world-weary old couple, joyous young people celebrating the renewal of Love and Life.

And in the midst of it all, a well–ever open to receive water, ever willing to dispense what it has received.

Yes, I would be that well, and wish you to be that well–to everyone we love and cherish, to everyone we meet.

So I ask you, please share what you are, what you have, what you bring to this world, to this single and singular moment.

Be a well, my Darlings, be well!

9 thoughts on “My Two Shekels

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, it’s so sweet of you to drop in, to take time to comment, l’shalom! *sun rising over mountains**yellow butterflies**children embracing*

      1. I’m so delighted to share the journey with you, and look forward to getting better acquainted along the way, my dear.
        *sea bird flying into twilight sun*

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