Two #Hanukkah Songs #Chanukah #Music

*Just in time, a delightful rendition of two Hanukkah songs…thank you, Crystal! My favorite is the second…can you name them? Wishing you sweetness always, my darling friends!*

Mystical Strings

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The Jewish Festival of Lights begins tonight! In the spirit of celebration and friendship, I offer you two Hanukkah songs played on zither and viola.

The first is “Chanukah.” I couldn’t find out who wrote these lyrics and music; so, please share if you know! It’s the 10th song on
this page,
under the “Chanukah” heading.

The second is “I Have a Little Dreidel,” also known by many other names! It is so popular that even non-Jewish people recognize it. Though I’m not Jewish, I have played Dreidel with Jewish friends during Hanukkah, and won some chocolate gelt, too! You know, those foil-covered chocolate coins that often come in a mesh bag and bring the promise of sweetness! You can read more about this fun and popular song

You can also listen to the
First Night Chanukah Blessings
I recorded with ukulele last year.

I wish everyone…

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