*I got out my guitar yesterday, and what do you know? An old song I wrote as a teenager jumped in and took over. I’m sharing it below, a reminder that even darkness has its purpose. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and wish you sweetness always.*


by Joan Myles

Night spreads its dark flowing cape

O’er the landscape that once was day

And its cool winds sift through the trees

to gently ease my cares away

Stars climb up ladders of light

to fill the night with shining streams

and the day’s pain slowly subsides

While my soul abides within my dreams

and night sings its lullabye through the hills

hush my child for all is still

there always will

be a new sun after each moon

another tune that you can learn

and if day fails to make you smile

after a while night will return

12 thoughts on “Night

  1. Well said, Joan. All has its purpose, even the darkest and stormiest of nights. Even these days of terror and death, in some ultimate way, have their purpose.


    1. We must be ever on the hunt for meaning, even as we endeavor to discover what it means to be human…or maybe because of it. Love finding you here, dear friend! *sun rising over mountains**children dancing*

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Abbie. I appreciate your feedback and encouragement. *open night sky**dancing cedars*

    1. Thank you, my darling Joanne…you may even have heard it before during those late night guitar/singing sessions at Maryville. *smiling heart*

      1. Yes, it is.

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