On One Foot

On One Foot

…brief updates about me and those I love

* Already February, and here in the Willamette Valley rain and sunshine, wind and snow have each taken a turn to dazzle and delight me. And ifthe daffodils don’t proclaim the coming of Spring boldly enough, then the absence of hummingbirds from our feeders clue me in. things are stirring out there. The natural world is waking up, renewing itself renewing us.

* Meanwhile J and I stay close to home like all of you, tending to household tasks and creative efforts.

* And as for our doggy delights–we were treated to a double scoop recently, visiting Little Leo and Bucky (the 90-pound fellow) on the same day. Of course I appreciate the humans we visited as well–our daughter CC and her husband, and the grandsons with their Dad. I am grateful everyone has what they need, and can’t wait until we can all gather under one roof instead of shivering separately at a respectable distance across the driveway.

* For now, my Darlings, I wish you sweetness and Love as your days unfold. May Life’s renewal find you–if not in your physical landscape, then in your spirit–and may you sense the Wonder and Love ever ready to inspire and delight you!


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