*JDAIM again. And while attending in-person events at my shul is not currently possible, I can’t help marvelling at the many ways my community members have enabled me to participate so fully in Jewish life! And this evening, I will be sharing those experiences with members of a synagogue in New Hampshire, thanks to my dear friend Rabbi Dan. Stay cozy, my Darlings, and hold on to the sweetness and Light of each moment. May you and your loved ones find Shalom beneath Shabbot’s canopy of Love!*

Jewniquely Myself

February is Jewish Disability Awareness and inclusion Month—formerly Jewish Disability Awareness Month.

Which means that every time this month that I pop into FaceBook, Twitter, or other social gathering places—not to mention the many times I connect with friends at shul and elsewhere—I am incredibly conscious of my role as educator on behalf of the disability cause.

But, really, isn’t that my role as Yismehu Director? And as blogger, Hebrew teacher, and temple member?

In fact, you might say that any time I have an alliyah, chant Torah, read announcements on Friday evening, attend a committee or membership meeting, participate in Torah study, teach anything to anybody anywhere, step inside Target, , or simply drop by a friend’s home for coffee I am a walking-talking lesson on disability and inclusion.

The reasons are pretty obvious:

** I am blind. So I cannot appreciate facial expressions and your lovely smile. In…

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