The Poetry of Life #Friday Fun Reads

*My morning started with a sweet surprise–a review of my latest poetry collection by author Abbie Johnson Taylor! Wishing you blessings galore and sweet surprises as you move through your day*

My Corner

Image contains: Abbie, smiling.

One Glittering Wing

by Joan Myles  

What Smashwords Says

Praised for its stunning images and lilting language, One Glittering Wing is a collection of playful, prayerful, mournful, powerful poems which deeply speak its author.

My Thoughts

I met the author, Joan Myles, years ago through Behind Our Eyes, a writers’ organization to which I belong. Her work, filled with plenty of vivid imagery, has always fascinated me. I reviewed her first collection, One with Willows, here after it came out.

In One Glittering Wing, I like the way Joan incorporates the collection’s title into her poem, “Death.” I can relate to the poems, “Walls,” “Tammy,” and “Shivah” as a result of my personal experiences. My favorite is “Dancing with Emily Dickenson,” which inspired me to write a poem about dancing with Billy Collins. Other poems touch on nature, human relations, and additional subjects sure to resonate…

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