Each Moment A Feast

*Yes, it’s Thursday once more. So what? you ask.
Well, around here, Thursday means homemade pizza will grace our dinner table…and all its sweetness fwill fill the house.*

Each moment a Feast
by Joan Myles

suddenly I am here

the basil

the cilantro

tomatoes and peppers and onions

and your words are with me

alive with the olive oil

sinking into my awareness

the dough and I have become one

as I am

suddenly present

where you are where

we are together

in this moment

8 thoughts on “Each Moment A Feast

    1. And so is finding a messege like this from a sweet friend, thank you my dear Pari, blessings and Love to you *wispy clouds**hummingbirds**willows in mist*

  1. The only pizza I want to eat any more.
    Wishing you a sweet and beautiful day, darling friend.

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