Thursday Tidbits: De-fault Ain’t Mine

Learning another language is interesting on so many levels as you probably know.

One thing that keeps coming up for me is what happens when the correct word in the correct language does not come readily to mind. I don’t go blank as one might expect. I end up reverting to the last language I studied–kind of a default mode I suppose.

So when I was studying French in College, I naturally defaulted to English. That makes sense.

And in Grad school when I was learning Hebrew, my default became French. That was a bit surprising.

And would you believe it–now as I wade into the shallows of Spanish vocabulary and make chart upon chart of Spanish verb conjugations, Hebrew is popping up all over the place.


*The perfect expression for puzzlement and frustration in any land*

Keep learning, my Darlings!

7 thoughts on “Thursday Tidbits: De-fault Ain’t Mine

  1. The brain is a phenomenal thing, isn’t it?

    Ann Chiappetta, Author

    ` Making meaningful connections with others through writing `

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    “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

    * Joseph Campbell

    1. So sweet of you to be here, Barbara!
      Love sharing this journey with you, and hope to hear much more about you!
      Thanks for your kind remarks, Blessings!
      *willos in mist**wispy clouds*

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