Crows Know the Hour of Prayer


crows know the hour of prayer

I hear them gather each morning

just above my open window

I wrap myself in fringes

they stand ready in burnished black

and together we open our throats

I seek the heights of Spirit

then fold my tent of Meeting

and move into my day

they soar into the heavens

flit between treetop and roof

observant and open to All that is

crows know the hour of prayer

and when we meet again at twilight

maybe they will teach me to fly

9 thoughts on “Crows Know the Hour of Prayer

    1. Always a treat to know you are reading and that you find meaning here, darling Patty! *hummingbirds**willows in mist*

  1. This made me think about the humbling act itself, the prayer/faith relationship and animal wisdom. I liked the use of the crow, a great symbol for this poem.

    Ann Chiappetta, Author

    ` Making meaningful connections with others through writing `

    914.393.6605 Facebook Annie Chiappetta

    “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

    * Joseph Campbell

    1. I always appreciate your poetic comments, thank you dear Annie! *yellow butterflies**willows in mist*

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