Mindful Monday: August 2021

As I write this little update, the sky above our garden is not dazzzling blue as usual, but hazy with no sign of rain. Recent temperatures have reached 10 to 15 degrees higher than usual for this time of year.

And the haze, which is a kind of shade at least, is continued proof of the dangerous path we earthlings are heading down. Fires in California, Southern Oregon, Washington state, and Canada are sending their smoky and ominous warning across the US., and the world. Is it a smoke signal or a prayerful plea which the Earth is sending out…and will we heed it in time?

Each morning I resume my prayers; gratitude for Creation and the sustenance of Life; for healing of loved ones and friends; and weeping daily now, for the Life of our beautiful Earth and all she contains.

A few weeks ago, our outside thermometer reached 119 degrees. Yes, we were comfortably housed in our airconditioning. But the fuchsia on our deck literally fried. And what is worse, the birds were silent. Nowhere to be seen.

My Darlings, I am not a scientist. I am not a politician. I am merely a poetic child whose heart pours out to Heaven with thanksgiving and delight. And today a simple plea:

Look around you.

Observe the changes in your own gardens, your own trees and plants and sky.

Open your hearts to rejoice in cleansing air, uplifting breezes, refreshing rain.

And to the Earth herself–our Mother, our home, our responsibility.

And please let us all seek a simpler path which includes thinking about how our choices impact our Mother.

Wishing you sweetness and peace as we strive together in this vital effort to choose Life!

14 thoughts on “Mindful Monday: August 2021

    1. yes
      a simpler path
      one of kindness to all living things
      where water and holiness are our only treasures
      *willows in mist*

  1. More and more people are now aware of the terrible problems our children and grandchildren will face – as yet though materialism over world preservation still wins out.

    1. Its going to take all of us, each acting to simplify his/her needs and wants, if any real progress is to be made. Unfortunately, too many people don’t think about future generations in any meaningful way, but only of what they can grab for themselves. Thanks so much for reading, dear friend!

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