On One Foot

On One Foot

…brief updates about me and those I love

*The sun is smiling upon our little garden today, but again we are bracing ourselves for very high temperatures for the rest of the week. At shoulder height, the sunflowers take all this pretty much in stride, requiring minimal care and only occasional watering. The fuchsia and irises, however, with their delicate blooms, plead daily for water. We happily do our part, still praying Mother Nature will be able to do hers.

*Meanwhile, on the topic of Bucky, would you believe he seems to still be growing! He has surpassed his latest harness and collar–but remains the gentle canine giant in my life.

He visited our home a couple of weeks ago, and was a total gentleman. He did not help himself to the sofa, or poke his inquisitive nose onto tables or counters which he could easily have reached. With boundless love and a WHOLE LOT of hard work, C and her husband S have brought this fear-filled fellow from the brink of trauma into a secure place of well-being.

*And as for me, I am readying for the Jewish High Holy Days which begin September 6. Also called “Days of Awe”, this time of year is meant as a period of deep introspection, a pause to examine one’s own behavior , to focus on relationships with other people as well as with God. In addition, it means shining up the versus I have chanted on Yom Kippor every year since 2004…although last year’s attempt on Zoom I accidentally logged off and eventually managed to return to find a dear friend filling in for me.

For now my Darlings, I wish you Love and Shalom as we move through the setrying times. May Kindness find you and Generosity fill your heart. And may the Blessings of Life shower us all with growth and delight.

And let us say, Amen!

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