Happy New Year!

“New Year? But it’s September”, you say, “what’s this about a new year?”

Ah, but you have to think Jewishly. You have to follow the moon rather than the sun.

Rosh HaShanah, the head of the year according to the Jewish calendar, occurs this year on the evening of September 6–this actually being New Year’ss Eve. So, the New Year is definitely nearly here.

And to prepare, we think deep thoughts. Thoughts about our relationships with those we love. Thoughts about our relationships with those we don’t love.

And we try to improve those relationships. We apologize for the things we did wrong. and we strive to do better with the rest.

And as for God…

Well, we come to God when all our human relationships have at least been attended to as best we can. We sincerely ask forgiveness of thos we may have offended three times, then we move on, striving to also care for ourselves, and trusting that God will honor the effort.

Only then do we approach the Divine One.

We bow in reverence, knowing that we are not all we could be.

And ten days later on Yom Kippor, we join with our community in acknowledging transgressions committed knowingly and unknowingly.

And we take up the responsibility for our behavior, past and future, heading with renewed vigor into a new year or promise.

Yes, the New Year is coming. May I strive to be all that I can in its wake, to be a truer witness of holiness and embodiment of Divinity in the world.

May this be a time of blessing and revelation to any who read this little blog!

Wishing you l’shanah tovah umetukah!

*a good and sweet year*

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