On One Foot

On One Foot

…brief tidbits about me and those I love

*Cool autumn nights and sunny afternoons have me giddily skipping through my days lately. The sunflowers are readying to open, ranging in height from six to eleven feet tall. The hummingbirds flit from their feeders to the fuchsia and back again, while the crows call to one another across the yard. My kind of bliss!

*Meanwhile, I am making lists and packing my bags for a bit of intensive Orientation and Mobility training ath the California campus of Guide Dogs for the Blind. No, I won’t be coming home with a new teammate…and I’m as disappointed as you are. What I will return with are the skills and confidence to apply for another dog. So please cross your fingers and toes that I soak up everything I need in the Jam-packed week I’ll be there.

*For now, I will delight in the doggy company of Bucky–who, would you believe, still seems to be growing! In fact, J and I will be visiting him later today.

*My only regret is that I will miss Yom Kippor with my community this year. I was on GDB’s waiting list for over 5 months, and the opening came up quite unexpectedly. I had planned to chant my usual Torah verses, virtually of course. Fortunately, the rabbi was able to prerecord me a few days ago, and said he is excited for this big step I’m taking.

*I’m excited too…although a twinge of nerves sneaks in now and then. Everything new is like that though. A few butterflies to accompany the Life traveler. And after all, I do like butterflies!

Wishing you Love and Light, my Darlings!

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