Forward After OMI; Session 7

*Since coming home from my week of Orientation and Mobility Immersion at GDB’s California campus, I have been working with an instructor to sharpen my cane skills and everything else I learned. yesterday was my seventh session, and it held a few surprises*

November 9

There were three surprises today.

First our plan to go downtown for work at traffic lights was scrapped for a walk to Liberty and Skyline for the same.

Okay, I’m good with that.

I headed down my street, carefully anticipating the hills and cliffs of heaved up sidewalk. But of course my usual veering took over and I followed the downward slant of a driveway to cross my own street rather than following the sidewalk to the curb.

No problem though.

I recognized my mistake and crossed back to head down Joseph.

The second surprise :

Despite the layers of leaves and unfamiliar terrain, I managed to walk in a straight line for long stretches of sidewalk.This is amazing progress for me.

I crossed Liberty Circle with no problem and then walked about half a mile to the intersection.

Time was spent listening to the traffic, and getting to know the audible signal located there. A few trials determined that drivers coming to this intersection do not take heed of the crosswalk signal, so our mission was abandoned.

Homeward bound a bit earlier than expected, I pushed my way through the leaves when the third surprise made itself known–rain.

Again, no problem. I had worn the correct coat, had on my trusty boots, so trudged on.

Then the downpour hit.

“How do you feel about sighted guide?” I asked my instructor.

“great idea!” he called back as I latched onto his arm

The rain only became more fierce as we redoubled our pace. Then the wind joined in, and finally–you guessed it–hail. Yes, we were dashing through a hurricaine of sorts, holding our hoods in place against the gale, and wondering just how soggy we would get before reaching our destination.

Finally at the end of my driveway, the sky cleared for a moment.

“You did really well,” my instructor crowed, “and I’m glad you are a fast walker.”

I had to admit as I unlocked my door, the walks was exhilarating.

But the dry clothes and vegetarian chilli I shared with J a couple of hours later pleased me far more.

Until next time, my Darling, keep moving forward!

7 thoughts on “Forward After OMI; Session 7

    1. You know how it goes, right?
      One step at a time…hopefully joined by a teammate before too long.
      Keep your fingers crossed, dear Patty!
      Blessings and Love to you

    1. Thank you, my dear friend.
      My larger goal is to once more be paired with a guide dog.
      Your kind thoughts and prayers are always appreciated.
      Blessings and Love

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